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Speaking at SPS New England on 10/20/2018!

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Another exciting announcement to make – I’ll be speaking at SharePoint Saturday New England on 20. of October in Boston! 

My session about Microsoft Flow, Azure Functions and a bit of Cognitive Services was accepted for the developer track. I’ll be presenting at 9:00 – 10:15 AM in room Cranmore. There’s a lot of awesome sessions and other awesome speakers, and I’m honored to share with the community what I’ve learnt lately while playing with some of the latest and greatest of Microsoft’s tools! :)

Citizen developer tools are not just for citizen developers!

It’s the same session I’ve had at a few other events before, just with updated contents. Ignite 2018 saw some exciting new announcements for SharePoint, Flow and Azure Functions (and a lot of other things, but these I cover in my session!) so going through them is going to be a big part of the session.

I’m really I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, and probably quite a few new ones next weekend! If you’re around town next weekend, and haven’t registered already, you can do that here. Agenda and other cool stuff is available on the event’s official home page:

The event takes place at Microsoft Technology Center, at Burlington, MA:
5 Wayside Road, Burlington, MA 01803.

Hope to see you in Boston on 10/20 !

Antti K. Koskela

Antti Koskela is a proud digital native nomadic millennial full stack developer (is that enough funny buzzwords? That's definitely enough funny buzzwords!), who works as a Solutions Architect for Valo Intranet, the product that will make you fall in love with your intranet. Working with the global partner network, he's responsible for the success of Valo deployments happening all around the world.

He's been a developer from 2004 (starting with PHP and Java), and he's been bending and twisting SharePoint into different shapes since MOSS. Nowadays he's not only working on SharePoint, but also on .NET projects, Azure, Office 365 and a lot of other stuff.

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