Welcome to Antti K. Koskela’s personal professional blog!

Antti K. Koskela is a Finnish Software Developer / Escalations Engineer / Generally Geeky Person, currently living in Montréal, Canada. Koskila.net is his personal professional (e.g. professional, but definitely personal) website.

Okay, let’s drop the third person speech. You can read more about me and stuff I do from here: https://www.koskila.net/antti-koskela/

In addition to this being my personal home page (nowadays, I guess that means a catalogue and links to my other stuff online in different channels, right?), I’m blogging about all kinds of exciting topics!

See a few of my last updated blog articles below.

What’s this site about?

The tagline for my blogging efforts has been Solutions are worthless unless shared for quite a while already. That’s to say, since I’ve gotten a lot of help from the community whenever I’ve had issues getting something to work, I like to give something back. This blog is my way of doing that.

Blogging has been a great, lightweight way to sort my thoughts and document weird fixes and findings along the way. And boy, has there been a lot of them! Microsoft’s stack always keeps surprising me – mostly in a positive way, but there’s an occasional bump along the way too!

Nowadays, the blog receives about 50 000 unique visits monthly. That’s been a huge motivator for improving some of the articles – I’d share them anyway (since it’s for my own documentation, too), but I’m trying to write them better, since there’s a fair chance someone else reads them as well!

I mentioned earlier, that I’m writing about all kinds of exciting topics. And boy, shouldn’t everyone be quite excited about some of this stuff! Just listen to these topics I often write about: Azure Active Directory errors, Azure PowerShell errors, terrifying examples about how to open a modal dialog in SharePoint using JavaScript, all kinds of cool new Microsoft Azure -related tidbits of information, some SharePoint configuration stuff, a bunch of Visual Studio -related (and other) tips and tricks and of course the blog’s namesake – SharePoint Problems.

Isn’t that cool?

Okay, okay –jokes aside, check out the tech & programming tips (most of the posts tend to be about solving certain specific issues with Microsoft’s stack), most of which are about ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, SharePoint, Azure or Active Directory. There’s also an occasional post about Google technologies as well, and sometimes PHP or WordPress too.

Latest “Techy” Posts

#SharePointProblems – it might be pretty obvious, but a lot of my more technical posts are about SharePoint and related issues. Office 365 and Azure are very heavily featured as well.

Below are some of my latest posts about technical topics. There’s new stuff coming out almost weekly!

I’m addition to more technical posts, sometimes I might post about my sessions at different community events, or experiences as an expat living in a foreign country (in 2017, that country was the USA, in 2018 & 2019 Canada).

Speaking Gigs

I attend community event like SharePoint Saturdays whenever I can, and I’m lucky my employer Valo sends me all around the world to participate in bigger conferences like the SPCs.

I’m also speaking at some of these events every now and then – see below, if any of the events are coming up (or catch the materials from the latest gigs)!

You can also see a list of all my sessions and session materials.

Antti K. Koskela's session at SharePoint Saturday New England - thanks for the photo Kanwal Khipple !
My session at SharePoint Saturday New England – thanks for the photo, https://twitter.com/kkhipple !
  • Speaking at SPS Charlotte 8/10/2019! August 2, 2019 Speaking at SPS Charlotte 8/10/2019!I got an awesome, (kind of) last-minute opportunity to join a crew of awesome speakers at SharePoint Saturday Charlotte (NC) on 10th of August, 2019, and I was super happy to jump on it! I’ll be presenting about extending Microsoft Teams with some SPFx goodness. Last time, the session spurred so many questions I had trouble keeping up – pretty ...
  • Speaking at SPS Nashville 6/15/2019 April 29, 2019 Speaking at SPS Nashville 6/15/2019Exciting news to share again! My session on using SPFx to extend Microsoft Teams got accepted to SharePoint Saturday Nashville next June. I’m excited to return to the Music City – it was a lot of fun last time, and I have a new session to present this time!Correction: The title has been fixed – it used to say 6/16, ...
  • Speaking at SPS New England on 10/20/2018! October 17, 2018 Speaking at SPS New England on 10/20/2018!Another exciting announcement to make – I’ll be speaking at SharePoint Saturday New England on 20. of October in Boston! My session about Microsoft Flow, Azure Functions and a bit of Cognitive Services was accepted for the developer track. I’ll be presenting at 9:00 – 10:15 AM in room Cranmore. There’s a lot of awesome sessions and other awesome speakers, and ...

Want to learn more? Check out the about me -page, page/post archivethe list of my blog posts (latest first) or contact me! :)

Oh, also – I nowadays have a Privacy Policy. A much needed addition to any site – who knows what all of these bloggers would do without all these useful laws. Take that, GDPR 😁!