Get in touch!

You can use the contact form below to get in touch with me. Or, alternatively, just DM or @ me on Twitter!

Please don’t use this form to:

  • Try to sell me stuff (I’m not buying),
  • Ask my opinion on different Android custom ROMs or how to flash them on your particular device (I know next to nothing about the topic),
  • Offer unrelated guest posts or ask me to work for free.

I get enough of all of those already. I’d love to be able to leave this form open for people asking me interesting questions or sending me greetings from Madagascar or Vatican or wherever else y’all might be coming from.

Thanks for your consideration!

Scratch everything above. The vast majority of the messages I got through this form are (seemingly hand-crafted) messages trying to sell me stuff (still not buying!), asking me opinions on Android ROMs (I still don’t really know much about them, so please ask about almost anything else) or offering to write guest posts for a backlink (thanks but no).

So, there are 2 options now:

  • If you’re a normal person with something to say, please DM or @ me on Twitter. I’ll get back to you! 😄
  • If you’re offering a guest post or trying to sell me things, please send your request as a note while paypaling me enough to make me appreciate your offer – you can do that here.


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