Omnia Intranet by Precio Fishbone

Joining the Omnia team!

Exciting news right after the Easter break (and a bit of a change from the usual flow of technical stuff) – I’ve joined the Omnia team at Precio Fishbone. Over the last 12 months, I have been working mostly on Azure IoT projects and was already debating renaming the blog. The title #SharePointProblems matches the content poorly when most of my new posts are about Docker, Azure DevOps, or Entity…Continue reading Joining the Omnia team!

Russia is a bad neighbor

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing

I never thought that I would write an article on this site of mine about war, peace and a threat to not only an entire nation’s existence, but mine, too. But as this website has some reach (there’s around 75 000 of you each month), I feel that I have a responsibility to say and do something. On February 24th, 2022, the fascist oligarchy known as Russia attacked yet another…Continue reading Evil triumphs when good men do nothing

2021 – Year Review!

Well, it’s been a year. It certainly does not feel like it has been a whole 12 months since I last wrote one of these, you know? I failed every single one of the goals I set for 2021, but I’m not going to lie, family takes (and deserves) so much time that it is no wonder that our hobbies suffer a bit. But still – writing these year reviews…Continue reading 2021 – Year Review!

RCC out of control

Resolving an incredibly pointless struggle with RCC

Okay, this might be my least general, and overall most pointless article ever, but I felt the need to document it anyway. Maybe it’ll help someone with a similar gadget, despite being a bit off-topic on this blog. Apologies to any regular visitors! So, what am I talking about, then? Recently I bought a radio-controlled projector clock as a gift for my wife. I reasoned that such a device would…Continue reading Resolving an incredibly pointless struggle with RCC

Of Course I Still #ValoLove You

Long story short: My 6-year career with Valo is now coming to an end. Today was my last day at Valo. This is the longest I’ve ever worked at a company, and I’ve had the time of my life in the many positions I’ve held within Valo / Blue Meteorite. Rarely does a company offer you so many different possibilities and options – and let you grow into the role…Continue reading Of Course I Still #ValoLove You

Hindsight is 2020 meme

2020 – Year Review

Like is almost customary at this point in the year, I decided to take a look at 2020 – which goals I had set for myself if I hit them, and what happened on during the year. And like last year, I thought I’d set myself a few new goals! In my last year review post, I commented on 2019: 2019 was borderline tumultuous – in 2020, I hope…Continue reading 2020 – Year Review

Spotify Premium logo

Is Lifetime Spotify Premium legit?

This article describes another fishy online offering I ran into, Spotify Premium Lifetime subscription. Long story short, it’s shady, but not necessarily a scam, per se. I definitely wouldn’t call it legit, though. Depending on the calibration of your moral compass, it might even be worth it, although definitely not recommended. But let’s take a closer look at what’s going on with this criminal affair, then! (If you’re in a…Continue reading Is Lifetime Spotify Premium legit?

Worx Landroid L2000 (WR155E) – an honest review

In this article, I will be sharing my perspective and experiences with Worx Landroid L2000 – an autonomous lawn mower that I’ve had for about 2 summers now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to help someone else make an informed decision about getting a puppy like this. Anyway – a step back, the 10k-feet view first, as usual. Robot lawn mowers are slowly becoming a commodity, but choosing the right one…Continue reading Worx Landroid L2000 (WR155E) – an honest review