Thanks for coming to my session in SPS Nashville!

I was at Cloud Friday and SharePoint Saturday Nashville, and had my session on Saturday – that was a lot of fun! I had the chance to meet a lot of new (and some “old”) people, and I think the community liked my session about Citizen Development tools (for “actual developers”) quite well!

Don’t want to crawl through the jabbering? Just the materials are here. Thanks for your interest!

Nashville seems to have quite an active community!

I was in Nashville for both Cloud Friday on, well, Friday, and SharePoint Saturday. Both events had a nice turnout, and I was super happy about my session, too. I guess this time the weather was also great – since it wasn’t too nice, or too bad!

My sessions at SPS Nashville
My session at SPS Nashville – at least I had a lot of fun!

So, in short – thanks so much for attending! I had a lot of fun 🙂 And if you weren’t there, you can check out the slides below anyway.


This section contains all of the materials I produced for/during the event.


Okay, long story short, I uploaded my slides to SlideShare, and you can find them here:


I always update something from my travels on Instagram and Twitter – you can find them here:

Demo Videos

I have updated video recordings of my demos on YouTube. I have them embedded below for your convenience!

Demo 1: Resolving Managed Metadata Madness in SharePoint

This video actually contains 3 different cases and a bit of debugging – it starts with some of my slides, so feel free to jump to around 1:40 or so.

Demo 2: Mirroring content between Classic SharePoint sites

Demo 3: Push notification via Flow

Shout-outs and thanks

Okay – there’s a bunch of them, so let’s make it a list:

  • I’m using Tomi Tavela’s awesome SP Chrome Editor to add the webhook in demo 3. Check it out!
  • I got the idea for the second demo from my chats with Henrik Blåfield and Juha Koivula at Valo, and the awesome folks at Hirschtec.
  • Vlad Catrinescu from Absolute-SharePoint gave me a lot of actionable feedback on my slides – thanks!
  • In my Azure Functions, I’m using OfficeDev PnP, which makes development a lot more straightforward. If you’re not using the library, you should check it out.
  • And last, but definitely not least – thank you to the SPS Nashville organizers for having me! Cloud Friday & SPS Nashville were GREAT.
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