SPS Charlotte - Saturday, August 10, 2019 UNC Charlotte Center City, 320 E. 9th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202.

Speaking at SPS Charlotte 8/10/2019!

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I got an awesome, (kind of) last-minute opportunity to join a crew of awesome speakers at SharePoint Saturday Charlotte (NC) on the 10th of August, 2019, and I was super happy to jump on it!

I’ll be presenting about extending Microsoft Teams with some SPFx goodness. Last time, the session spurred so many questions I had trouble keeping up – pretty awesome!

Having never been to Charlotte, I’m super excited about this trip. If you’re from the area, hit me up on Twitter with the most important things to see!

What’s SharePoint Saturday Charlotte?

SPS Charlotte is a community event organized by CASUG, Charlotte Area SharePoint User Group, a group that works to keep its members at the cutting edge on items such as new releases, techniques, product solutions, and real-world best practices from within in the community. And SharePoint Saturdays, such as the one coming up, are one of the best ways for the community members to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the Microsoft tech stack!

If you happen to be around Charlotte, go ahead and join us on Saturday! Registration is open on the event’s home page. My session will be 3:30-4:30 pm in room 905. You can see the whole schedule here.

What will I be speaking about?

I’ve been playing around with SPFx and different scenarios for extending Teams since Teams has become the hub of my typical work day. Microsoft is bringing out cool scenarios for basically using webparts as single-page applications in Teams, and these tests and POCs sparked quite an interesting and demo-heavy session that I’ve prepared for the event.

I have a number of posts about the topic already available, but now you can join the event to see some live demos and take the opportunity to heckle me from the back of the room – and of course, there’s a wide variety of other cool sessions by quite a few

Details of my session are listed below. See you in Charlotte!

Extending Microsoft Teams with SPFx webparts

Level: 200
Track: Developer

Who wouldn’t want to just develop once and then run their code everywhere? Now with SPFx (SharePoint Framework) 1.8 being out, we’re getting one step closer to that, as we’re given an elegant way to bridge the gap between your portals built on SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams where most of the collaboration happens. Teams is just getting more and more powerful – and you can make it even more powerful by extending it.

This session contains an overview of Teams extensibility scenarios, what SPFx is, and a closer look on how they work together. We’re taking a closer look (with demos!) at two different scenarios: how to create a new SPFx webpart to be used with Teams, and how to modernize a webpart you already have running in your environment.

After this session, you’re familiar with the basics of developing SPFx webparts to be used both in SharePoint and Teams, as well as how to modify your existing webparts to surface them in Teams.

All of the code included in the demo will be available on GitHub after the session.

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