Whitewater Magpie

Whitewater Magpie Ltd is the tiny software company I run, largely for side projects. I’ll set up an actual website for it at some point. It’ll be located here, probably: https://www.magpie.fi/

For now, there isn’t much to see there, yet. And neither here.

Peace for our time

Whitewater Magpie supports the cessation of hostilities and lasting peace in Ukraine. By throwing the invading fascists out of the country, that is.

Whitewater Magpie also happens to have a budget for marketing and other necessary expenses, and it’ll be spent on services and vendors advocating for peace. Peace through superior firepower, if necessary.

So far, we’ve spent:

  • 2022 Marketing collaboration to finance emergency stoves/fireplaces in Ukraine
  • 2022 Christmas gifts for stakeholders purchased from Ukraine-supporting vendor
  • 2022-2023 office decorations (I invented a budget for that – workplace satisfaction is important!) purchased in entirety from Ukraine-supporting vendors (2 different ones)
  • 2023 Marketing collaboration with Dzyga’s paw to support peace-advancing efforts

Overall, the company has spent 1600-1700 euros (11/2023 situation). Not quite enough to fund artillery ammunition, but if the money helps a couple of families keep warm in the Winter and even supplies a stash of tourniquets, I’m quite fine with that.

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