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Resolving error AADSTS90056

This post details my very simple solution to an extremely unnecessary and kind of a simple error I encountered when logging into SharePoint. However, you could run into the same error after configuring Azure Active Directory authentication to a custom web application. The error message is as such: AADSTS90056: This endpoint only accepts POST, OPTIONS requests. Received a GET request. I’ve seen another version of the same error, where the endpoint announces it only accepts POST requests, not even OPTIONS. And definitely not GET :)…Continue reading Resolving error AADSTS90056

Meanwhile on Google Plus...

Google Plus is shutting down – fix your .NET OAuth flow!

Google is shutting down their Facebook killer, Google+. While I’m sure there’s at least 10 end users that are sad to see the ill-fated not-that-social-medium go, the implications for Software Developers actually could be far more far-reaching. A lot of implementations of Google’s OAuth seem to rely on Google Plus’s APIs to get gather information about the user. When Google Plus goes down, so will the APIs. Their apparently unsafe implementation seems to be a major reason Google’s hastening the shutdown anyway. This means that…Continue reading Google Plus is shutting down – fix your .NET OAuth flow!