Won my first hackathon!

Hackathon win: Resolving Managed Metadata Madness

Reading Time: 6 minutes. I won a hackathon! They had fun topics, it was a cool challenge, a well organized event, and had cool prizes. Since this is the first hackathon I ever took part in, I thought I’d post something about my experience and the solution(s) I figured out. Posts Related to “Hackathon win: Resolving Managed Metadata Madness”:SharePoint-Teams -integration using a tabA cautionary tale of relying on the automatic backups in SharePoint OnlineSharePoint Localization – a (somewhat) comprehensive how-to!

Microsoft Flow that's used in this demo - it uses an Azure Function to extract text from a doc, which is then sent to Text Analysis, and finally written back to SharePoint. In the end, it sends notifications of the status of the run.

How to Resolve Managed Metadata Madness in SharePoint?

Reading Time: 3 minutes. Using Azure Functions and Cognitive Services Text API to enrich a Flow that fills Metadata for new items in a Modern SharePoint Team Site. That’s, in a nutshell, the solution I submitted to a recent online hackathon. Quite a mouthful, isn’t it? The whole solution (and a public vote, if you’re interested!) is available here: https://devpost.com/software/resolving-managed-metadata-madness-in-sharepoint – this blog post will describe the solution and the reasoning behind it. Preface Some time ago my manager asked me to take a few weeks off, since I had accrued […]