PowerShell commandlet "new-unifiedgroup" - The alias is being used by another group in your organization. Please try a different alias.

How to resolve the error “The alias is being used by another group in your organization”

Okay – another simple one. When you’re creating a new Office Group (or “Unified Group”, like they’re called as well), you might get an error for the alias already being used. Pretty simple, but still – let’s see how to fix it. Problem So, this error pops up, while you’re trying to create a new Office Group: The alias is being used by another group in your organization. Please try a different alias. An example script & output is shown below: # Historically, Groups have […]

.NET Core fundamentals in one picture.

How to fix Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.TagHelpers not being rendered!

Ha – another one, that ended up being a simple fix, but since nobody actually explains it well, took me an hour to figure out. This post ended up being another example of my “I’m going to document every single fix, that took me more than 10 minutes to figure out, since that’ll help me (and others) the next time the same issue arises.” blogging strategy. Snappy name, right? Never was my strongest suit! Anyway, I ended up banging my head to the wall. Hopefully […]

GitHub Desktop version information

Note to self: How to sync from the original repo on GitHub (Git merge upstream)

This is one of those “note to self” -kind of entries. This workflow is probably so natural to a lot of you all, that you won’t need to document it – but since I don’t do that much development with the full “fork – clone – branch – submit pull request” -process (whic is really typical with GitHub and I guess Open Source in general), I always need to look up the instructions on how to add pull any changes from the original repository to […]

Encountering AADSTS700054 in the wild. Always a bother - but let me tell you how to fix it!

How to fix “AADSTS700054: response_type ‘id_token’ is not enabled for the application” error

This article will explain to you how to fix the error “AADSTS700054” Another day, another unsuccessful authentication attempt, and another cool error code. This one I encountered when building a little POC that was supposed to authenticate against Graph API. Problem When developing your client-side solution (an SPFx webpart, React app, ASP.NET MVC application with some client-side components… Your pick!), you run into this error when your code tries to authenticate against Azure AD: AADSTS700054: response_type ‘id_token’ is not enabled for the application. And nothing […]

Azure Active Directory, the advanced logo

How to fix “AADSTS500113: No reply address is registered for the application” error?

This article describes how to fix the error “AADSTS500113: no reply address is registered for the application”. You typically get this error, when your app is trying to authenticate your users against Azure Active Directory. I’ve been posting about different versions of Azure Active Directory authentication errors (different errors with AADSTS -codes) a lot – I’ll need to find a better way to categorize them in the future. But, for now, on to the issue! Problem Another day, another app, another reply address -related authentication […]