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Is Lifetime Spotify Premium a scam?

This article describes another fishy online offering, Spotify Premium Lifetime subscription. Long story short, it’s a scam, just not a very heinous one. Depending on the calibration of your moral compass, it might even be worth it, although definitely not recommended. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on with this criminal affair, then! A while back, I wrote an article about cybercriminals stealing your money and your data, if you buy an “Office 365 Lifetime subscription”. Just for the record: it’s not a…Continue reading Is Lifetime Spotify Premium a scam?


The Scary Anatomy of a Microsoft License Fraud

Note: While this was originally posted around the Christmas of 2018, and some company or seller names might not be relevant as scammers come and go, the principles in this blog post seem to be valid since early 2000s to probably until 2038 (when the Internet ends due to the Epochalypse). For those of you, who don’t want to read any extra fluff, let me just offer you this extra-short version of my article in FAQ-form: Tis the season for gifts, and lots of y’all…Continue reading The Scary Anatomy of a Microsoft License Fraud