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How to fix a Logic App deployment that failed with error “UsageConfigurationNotSupportedInSubscription”?

This post was most recently updated on September 12th, 2021.

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This article explains a quick and dirty fix when you get an error somewhat like this: “UsageConfigurationNotSupportedInSubscription” when you’re deploying an Azure Logic App from a template. The same fix will probably apply to a number of other issues – but don’t hold me accountable for this :)

Anyway – on to the topic of the day!


Can you tell by some of my recent blog posts that I’ve been deploying a few Logic Apps recently? :)

Today, my Azure Logic App deployment from a template – a template exported from a Power Automate Flow – failed miserably.

The full error message you might get is something like this:

Usage configuration is not supported in subscription '[guid]'.

So, what do?


Your template is likely malformed. I mean – it could be an issue in the subscription, too, but in my case, the template contained unnecessary jabber that was messing up the process.

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to fix “UsageConfigurationNotSupportedInSubscription” error in Azure Logic App deployment?

  1. Reopen your deployment template

    You can do this by observing your failed deployment and clicking “Redeploy”. Or if you have the JSON file available, just use that.

  2. Copy-paste it to an actual text editor

    It’s far easier to modify the text in a real text editor, like Visual Studio Code or Notepad++.

  3. Remove the offending JSON in your template

    Look for a node called “usageConfiguration” and remove it.

    Yeah, really. Just remove it. You can always reconfigure the app configuration afterward (for the supported parts anyway!)

  4. Paste your JSON back to Azure Portal and re-deploy!

    You’ll either get that “Your deployment is complete”, or maybe another error message.

And there you go!


I actually have nothing here. Uhh.. Maybe sign up for a free Azure account here? (Not getting paid, by the way)

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