Let me explain SharePoint...

Don’t remove the root web of your classic SharePoint Site Collection!

A quick heads-up – if you remove the root site (or RootWeb, like it’s called in the code) of your classic SharePoint Site Collection, that’s going to cause you some grey hairs. It might even, in some rare cases, be unrecoverable! The following post describes what kind of issues you might run into, if you remove the root web instead of the whole site collection, and how to remove the site collection instead. Update 13.7.2019:SharePoint Online keeps evolving, and at least on some tenants, removing […]

Console output copypaste

How to output console or PowerShell transcript to a file in Windows

Every now and then, you run into a situation, where you’ll need to somehow dump the console output (or transcript) of running a console application. I’m actually going to argue it happens a lot more often than one would think – in my case, any time a customer requires a webjob or a function, that one would normally deploy to Azure, being ran on the servers of the customer. This post describes how to do that. Problem Something breaks or the app crashes, and the […]