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The effect of using Managed Navigation instead of Structural on SharePoint Online

Reading Time: 4 minutes. Have you ever noticed that your SharePoint site just gets slower and slower? That’s probably because the performance of Structural Navigation is absolutely horrible, especially vs. Managed Navigation. This blog post includes our findings about the issue, and I also include some explanation of the reasons behind the difference and a simple comparison to Search-based navigation. Posts Related to “The effect of using Managed Navigation instead of Structural on SharePoint Online”:SharePoint Localization – a (somewhat) comprehensive how-to!A cautionary tale of relying on the automatic backups in SharePoint OnlinePrivacy Policy

Valo Intranet team jump

USA 5: Working for Valo Intranet – and what’ve I been up to last few months

Reading Time: 4 minutes. I haven’t actually written that much about my daily work on this blog. I’m currently mostly involved with the Blue Meteorite’s North America team, and specialized in partner acquisition and support. Most of my time is spent either onboarding new partners, or supporting the old ones in their Valo Intranet deployments. And boy, is that not a lot of fun to do! Never before have I been able to work with so many talented people from so many different organizations, and that’s been both challenging and rewarding. I actually wrote a few words about it on Valo Intranet’s wwebsite.. And […]