Internet Explorer working like Internet Explorer usually does - not working. But this time it's Blazor's fault!

IE11 fails to load a (server-side) Blazor web app

Welp – this was not a fun issue to run into! While nobody in this day and age should use Internet Explorer for any normal usage (occasional legacy scenarios aside), there are still some luddites who do (or whose IT department makes them to). This means it’s still useful, and sometimes even required, for a web application to work even in Internet Explorer. Description of the issue So, as shown…Continue reading IE11 fails to load a (server-side) Blazor web app

MFW another API just stops working without returning any errors

How to fix Twitter embed in SharePoint

Twitter embed has a stupid, built-in failure condition: if the User Agent contains IE10 or older, the embed script will not load. This causes SharePoint embeds to fail. This post describes how to fix that.