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No way to renew a ClimaCell API subscription – what to do?

This post was most recently updated on July 31st, 2022.

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One day I suddenly realized that my Home Assistant’s ClimaCell integration had stopped working. That was weird – it had been running just fine for a while.

I had signed up for a ClimaCell developer account at (or whatever the address was before rebranding from ClimaCell to – but this is the portal that I used) on the 28th of July, perhaps in 2020, or perhaps 2019.

And it had worked brilliantly so far, but suddenly and without warning, it just stopped working. The only thing the log had was timeouts from ClimaCell’s API, so initially, I thought they were just having some stability issues. That can happen to the best of us, right?

But the issue didn’t go away overnight – and so I began to investigate.


Reconfiguring the integration and restarting the Home Assistant did nothing. So I headed out to to check out if their dashboard had any info.

And it did! The dashboard showed me that my plan was indeed expired.

The problem was that there was no more information about… Anything. No links to renew. The chatbot was not a bot and wouldn’t chat with me either. The knowledge base had no hits with “renew”. “Plan expired” (that looks like a button) was not a button, nor was it a link. “EXPIRED” with an info prompt had no tooltip, nor did it have any new info.

I ended up hitting a brick wall with no directions. Like… Zero directions whatsoever.

Few things exist that are as broken as ClimaCell/ API renewal.
Few things exist that are as broken as ClimaCell/ API renewal.


The reason seemed to be that ClimaCell has a new API, and they have completely forgotten about their “old” developer portal (and completely forgot about adding any information about this there). Since the API seems to be deprecated, no subscriptions would be renewed once expired.


You need to re-register and sign up for a completely new plan. That can be done here, and it’s a very quick process:

You will get a new token in a matter of minutes. And if you’re using Home Assistant like I am, just remember to choose version 4 for your Climacell integration when reconfiguring it.

I just wish that they would have explained this somewhere on the “old” developer portal – it would have saved me a lot of confusion. ☹

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