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How to get a free Office 365 Developer tenant?

This post was most recently updated on July 27th, 2022.

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In this article, I am pretty much just sharing one link – the one, where you can request a new free Office 365 Developer subscription. And while I’m not sure if anyone else ever needs to google for this, I am actually quite comfortable just documenting it for myself. Just like all of the other blog posts, really :)

See, this is a thing I struggle with, because:

  1. I tend to need it often enough that I find myself looking for it, but seldom remember it by heart
  2. Microsoft’s own documentation is a bit long-winded and it talks about sandboxes, Teams portals, licensing – stuff you might not be that interested in if you just want that dev tenant to be up and running!

So, long story short, here’s the link:

Link to your M365 Developer profile (opens in a new tab)

Simple as that. Now it’s documented 😁

How to activate free Office 365 Developer tenant:

Time needed: 5 minutes

  1. Select the link

  2. Select Start

    You will be confronted with an empty box like this:

    Hitting “Start” will bring up a dialog with a few questions

  3. Enter your details

    After entering your details you will be presented with something like this:

    Preview image for instant tenant

  4. Select pack

    The sample data packs let you populate your tenant with all kinds of near-realistic, almost lifelike data. Depending on which pack(s) you selected, you might get a SharePoint site somewhat like this (I recall there are 6 or so different options, and you can pick multiple ones):

    With users like this:

Those of you with keen eyes will notice, that some of the data is already somewhat dated – I guess the data packs or templates are not very dynamic… :)

Also, don’t fret if the deployment sometimes takes much longer than stated. It’s often a matter of hours but can take up to weeks. Not much can be done about it.

Anyway, that’s all I had to document about that. Happy coding!

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