Dev Tool Tips

This page contains odd tips for dev tools. Stuff that’s nowhere near big enough for an actual article, but still things I thought were worth documenting somewhere!

How to generate a database diagram for PostgreSQL database when using Entity Framework Core?

When googling for answer, I found answers such as “just use the built-in tools” (not available in Visual Studio 2022, couldn’t even find them in 2019), “use EF Core Power Tools extensions” (that just kept crashing for me), “use Generic Database Diagram Extensions Tool By Dave Developer” (couldn’t get any of them to produce a neat database diagram).

But the actual answer? Just download an actual tool that’s MADE for this, like DBeaver. There’s a free version available:

How can I make editable .png diagram files?

.png -files are not “editable” as is – they’re bitmap files, so they just have pixels – no layers, vectors or diagrams. However, they can have metadata embedded into the file!

At least / handles this very fluently. Your .png files work normally to end-users, but when opened with the app, they are editable. Very nice experience!

How do I memorize all of the most important Regex patterns?

You don’t. Each and every time you need to write one, you google for a tool to formulate it.

And one of the best (if not the best) is Regex 101, available at: It has a tester and a cheatsheet available for you – super useful.