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Identifying IE11 compatibility mode in SharePoint

In this post, I describe how you can figure out if IE11 (Internet Explorer 11) has jumped into compatibility mode. You will run into this requirement every now and then when trying to figure out some SharePoint browser compatibility mess-up. This is quite frequent because in compatibility mode IE does its best to screw up your CSS. Compatibility view now and before Microsoft has been pretty keen on introducing new…Continue reading Identifying IE11 compatibility mode in SharePoint

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The simplest way to create a thread on SharePoint

This post describes the easiest (probably) and most straightforward way of creating a new Thread in your SharePoint (or any other .NET) server-side/desktop code. Solution Let’s face it – one should not create new Threads lightly when developing SharePoint solutions, but sometimes it is difficult to avoid. Or sometimes it’s just the simplest way to get around weird framework limitations.