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Simplest way to create a thread on SharePoint

This post describes the (probably) easiest and most straightforward way of creating a new Thread in your SharePoint (or any other .NET) server-side / desktop code.

Solution: how to create a new Thread

Let’s face it – one should not create new Threads lightly when developing SharePoint solutions, but sometimes it’s difficult to avoid. Or sometimes it’s just the simplest way to get around weird framework limitations.


This one time we were developing a pretty simple functionality, where we needed to create a few fields on a certain title when user activated a feature. However, because of the complexity of the environment, we encountered problems changing the title of the new field. Now, it’s usually pretty simple, but this time some other functionality, most likely developed by someone else, was changing it to the internal field name – which doesn’t look to good.

Thread thread = new Thread(delegate()
		listFieldsUpdateSuccess = Helper.EnsureListFields(list);
		// rest omitted for clarity

thread.IsBackground = true;

To be honest, we’re not even sure, why this worked. We suspected it might be because of the current culture of the thread, but changing it didn’t have any effect. Any way, we’re glad this worked, whatever the reason for that is.

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