Disabling requests to WsaUpload.ashx (Customer Experience Improvement Program)

Requests to WsaUpload.ashx showing up on the Network -tab of your browser

So, I’ve gotten this question from a lot of customers and partners, and I thought it’s worth clarifying the case a bit. “I’m seeing a lot of requests these requests to WsaUpload.ashx. What do they matter? They seem to degrade the performance – so what can I do about them?”

That’s a great question! Let’s see what it is, why it exists, and what we can do about it!

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The effect of using Managed Navigation instead of Structural on SharePoint Online

If you could just fix SharePoint... That would be great.

Have you ever noticed that your SharePoint site just gets slower and slower? That’s probably because the performance of Structural Navigation is absolutely horrible, especially vs. Managed Navigation. This blog post includes our findings about the issue, and I also include some explanation of the reasons behind the difference and a simple comparison to Search-based navigation.

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