How to copy dependent assemblies to the bin folder on build?

This is something that comes up pretty often – when you’re building an application, or maybe a library you’re sharing as a NuGet package to your friends: You’ll need to share a dependency or two with your particular package, and you don’t want your end users having to reference those libraries, too. Sounds easy, right? But alas, it’s not as simple as one would like :) (Well, unless you’re happy running dotnet publish every time – that should work, but I want to have these…Continue reading How to copy dependent assemblies to the bin folder on build?

401 Unauthorized meme

How to secure your WebSocket connection using .NET Core?

This article explains how to easily authenticate your WebSocket connections using .NET Core and vanilla JavaScript. The same concept probably applies to all sorts of front-end libraries, although some of them might offer some syntactic sugar on top of it. But it’s simple, and keeping your implementation simple is generally speaking a good idea. So – this one came up when developing a simple API that’d expose a WebSocket endpoint for seamless notifications to the Web UI. As everything else in the system required authentication,…Continue reading How to secure your WebSocket connection using .NET Core?

While only a few countries use absurd date formats (such as the Month-first approach adopted by some former European colonies), there's no shortage of different date formats out there. Source: John Harding/Mona Chalabi

Experiment: DateTime formats

This article explains how to loop through all supported cultures on any given machine that’s able to run .NET. The code sample is in C# and outputs an HTML table you can copy – but obviously you can adapt it to your needs! This was something I needed to support some weird documentation task way back when – and it took me like a year to finish this blog post and push it out from the drafts… Background Okay. So I needed to figure out…Continue reading Experiment: DateTime formats