Using role claims to target WebSockets

This article explains a (fairly) simple solution on how you can grab role claims – or any other claims with some tweaking – and use them as the basis for targeting your WebSocket messages. Very nifty, if you ask me, without all the enterprisiness of SignalR. Talking about SignalR, another way to implement pretty much the same thing, but with all of the enterprisey goodness of SignalR, is described in this blog post: How to access claims of a SignalR user in ASP.NET Core? That…Continue reading Using role claims to target WebSockets

Let me introduce you to my web development tools - Blazor and Razor :)

Groups-based authorization in Blazor WebAssembly

This article will take a look at a neat authorization option for Blazor WebAssembly – utilizing group memberships when defining policies. This isn’t a tutorial or an overview of Blazor – rather, we start from you already having your Blazor WebAssembly project set up, and we’ll be taking a look into modifying it to use group membership claims with policy-based authorization. This is a bit trickier than using roles, which Blazor WebAssembly already supports quite well. But before that – Blazor? That sounds familiar –…Continue reading Groups-based authorization in Blazor WebAssembly