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Want to join the winning team? Valo is recruiting!

This post was most recently updated on August 1st, 2019.

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On this site, I don’t write “sponsored posts”, and while I do obviously have a bias of sorts for Microsoft products (having tried others before, I’ve worked almost entirely on Microsoft’s stack for the last few years), I try to write about everything in a neutral manner.

Now, however, there’s a topic I probably can’t write objectively about – but still feel it’s important to share, because it might be an exciting opportunity for someone following my blog!

My employer, Valo, is currently recruiting people for a number of technical (and a few non-technical) positions. Since I get a lot of questions about open positions at Valo, I thought it would be a good idea to have a public post clarifying at bit what’s going on.

So, in short: if you want to join the winning team, now is probably the best time ever to do that! We’re a team of about 35 people (and growing!) creating a product used by millions of people every (work) day. We’re successful and more decorated with awards than ever before. And the success has been a catalyst for our explosive growth internationally! With partners and customers on all major continents (we don’t have anyone on Antarctic yet), we need more people to help us take over the rest of the world.

For technical jobs, we’re primarily looking for developers, support engineers, designers and product specialists with knowledge of SharePoint and/or Azure. That’s about it – your profile otherwise could be almost anything. No matter whether you prefer backend or frontend, JavaScript, TypeScript, PowerShell or C#, or don’t like coding at all, we might have a position open for you.

Valo has a number of positions open. Let me know if one interests you!
Valo has a number of positions open. Let me know if one interests you!

The preferred location is near one of the Valo offices (Krakow in Poland, Montréal in Canada, and Helsinki and Jyväskylä in Finland), but we also recruit remotely. Actually, we have a number of people working remotely – starting from September, this includes me as well. While working closely with your colleagues is easier face-to-face, the open and collaborative company culture supports remote working quite well, too.

If you want to know more, check out the open jobs at! :)

Valo’s world-class development team – distributed in 6 countries, speaking about 10 languages. We’re a diverse bunch :)

PS. This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by my employer. I’m just genuinely looking to get some new colleagues aboard.

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