Right now (and probably forever) this page is a work in progress. I’m trying to list different projects and organizations I’m working on or affiliated with on this page.

Affiliated organizations

See in this sections the different companies or organizations I’m affiliated with.

Valo Solutions

I work for Valo Solutions, based out of Montreal. We make the best intranets in the world. Valo Solutions is part of Blue Meteorite, which is a Finland-based awesome software company.

Alter – Experience Ideas

More coming later! In the meantime, check out our website:

Norppandalotti Software

University of Jyväskylä

I did my master’s and bachelor’s for the Information Technology department of the University of Jyväskylä. During 2009-2014 I studied Information Systems Science, Economics and Adult Education.

I’m also working (very passively) on my PhD thesis about Agile Software Business. That’s probably a lifetime project.

Different public projects and speaking gigs

Most of the stuff I’ve done after the early 2000s has been related to Azure / Office365. I’ve built a few Twitter bots, too, and still maintain a bunch of websites, some of which have been custom-built with PHP.

Some examples of my projects you can find from my GitHub profile, and I’ll be publishing new stuff there every now and then, too.

I’ve taken part in some hackathons, too. You can find something here: https://devpost.com/koskila

Every now and then (whenever I find the time and the opportunity!), I’m touring the world and speaking at community events. More about that here: https://www.koskila.net/category/blog-posts/speaking/

The vast majority of my works are proprietary, though. Those won’t be published – that’s what one gets for being an enterprise drone of a programmer, right?

My first commercial projects

I was commissioned to build my first commercial websites when I was 14 years. I started with knowledge of HTML, and picked up PHP, JavaScript and CSS along the way.

Alumni Registry for Ähtäri High School

I think this ended up being my most complicated, from-the-scratch PHP solution. Developed and implemented during Summer months of… I don’t know, 2009? Taught me a lot about PHP and actual software projects – it sure was more complicated than just building a “normal” web page.

Unnamed CMS

Back in the day, I used to create websites. In the beginning, I lovingly handcrafted them – but that got kind of old.

I got weary of having to implement websites from zero, so I developed a solution. Using PHP, I developed a pretty simple CMS, that could read either text files (and it had a built-in editor for them in the browser), or doc-files, since some of my customers wanted to upload documents directly from Word.

That was all back in 2005 (roughly), and I finally decommissioned 2 of the 3 last sites in 2016. As of 2017, there’s still at least one site still running my good old CMS…

That’s honestly kind of scary… :)