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I’ll do my best to update this page with any interesting pieces of tech I’ve ever done. I’ll do it at some point. Eventually.


This is a work in progress. Right now it only contains things I did in the early 2000s or so. I’ll update something newer later – that’s almost a promise!

Alumni Registry for Ähtäri High School

I think this ended up being my most complicated, from-scratch PHP solution. Developed and implemented during summer months of… I don’t know, 2009? Taught me a lot about PHP and actual software projects – it sure was more complicated than just building a “normal” web page.

Unnamed CMS

I got weary of having to implement websites from zero, so I developed a solution. Using PHP, I developed a pretty simple CMS, that could read either text files (and it had a built-in editor for them in browser), or doc-files, since some of my customers wanted to upload documents directly from Word.

That was all back in 2005 (roughly), and I finally decommissioned 2 of the 3 last sites in 2016. As of 2017, there’s still at least one site still running my good old CMS..

That’s honestly kind of scary.