Mari Erika Koskela

This post was most recently updated on December 19th, 2017.

Mari’s the cool kid in this marriage. Since she’s my wife, I though she needs a page on my website. That makes sense, right?

Who’s Mari?

She’s a trainer, Dynamics 365 consultant, certificated teacher, awesome wife and a bunch of other things.

See more info about Mari from her LinkedIn -page. Or her cool instagram.

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Antti K. Koskela

Solutions Architect / Escalations Engineer at Koskila / Norppandalotti Software / Valo Solutions
Antti Koskela is a proud digital native nomadic millenial full stack developer (is that enough funny buzzwords? That's definitely enough funny buzzwords!), who works as a Solutions Architect for Valo Intranet, the product that will make you fall in love with your intranet. Working with the global partner network, he's responsible for the success of Valo deployments happening all around the world. He's been a developer from 2004 (starting with PHP and Java), and he's been bending and twisting SharePoint into different shapes since MOSS. Nowadays he's not only working on SharePoint, but also on .NET projects, Azure, Office 365 and a lot of other stuff. This is his personal professional (e.g. professional, but definitely personal) blog.