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How to interpret SharePoint’s view count managed properties (like “ViewsLast1Days”)?

Reading Time: 6 minutes. Have you ever wondered, how SharePoint’s Managed Properties for Usage & Analytics info actually work? There are all these nice properties available for getting view counts for different items in SharePoint’s search index, but they all seem to act like crazy. And they are pretty nonsensical… And not very well documented! In this post I’ll try to make some sense on how you can use them in programmatic scenarios. Read on… Posts Related to “How to interpret SharePoint’s view count managed properties (like “ViewsLast1Days”)?”:SharePoint Localization – a (somewhat) comprehensive how-to!Privacy PolicyGetting Connect-MsolService (and other Azure Active Directory PowerShell cmdlets) to […]

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Using Google Analytics with SharePoint

Reading Time: 4 minutes. This post was most recently updated on October 9th, 2018.This post describes why it’s beneficial to use a user analytics tool in your intranet. I use Google Analytics as an example of such tool, and different deployment options for SharePoint intranets are covered briefly. Why would I use Google Analytics with my SharePoint intranet? In general, it’s absolutely necessary for you to know your users, if you want to deliver an enjoyable user experience. One key aspect of knowing them is knowing what they do, while they use your system or service. SharePoint being a web-based software, it’s quite logical […]