Russia is a bad neighbor

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing

I never thought that I would write an article on this site of mine about war, peace and a threat to not only an entire nation’s existence, but mine, too. But as this website has some reach (there’s around 75 000 of you each month), I feel that I have a responsibility to say and do something. On February 24th, 2022, the fascist oligarchy known as Russia attacked yet another…Continue reading Evil triumphs when good men do nothing

2021 – Year Review!

Well, it’s been a year. It certainly does not feel like it has been a whole 12 months since I last wrote one of these, you know? I failed every single one of the goals I set for 2021, but I’m not going to lie, family takes (and deserves) so much time that it is no wonder that our hobbies suffer a bit. But still – writing these year reviews…Continue reading 2021 – Year Review!

RCC out of control

Resolving an incredibly pointless struggle with RCC

Okay, this might be my least general, and overall most pointless article ever, but I felt the need to document it anyway. Maybe it’ll help someone with a similar gadget, despite being a bit off-topic on this blog. Apologies to any regular visitors! So, what am I talking about, then? Recently I bought a radio-controlled projector clock as a gift for my wife. I reasoned that such a device would…Continue reading Resolving an incredibly pointless struggle with RCC

Of Course I Still #ValoLove You

Long story short: My 6-year career with Valo is now coming to an end. Today was my last day at Valo. This is the longest I’ve ever worked at a company, and I’ve had the time of my life in the many positions I’ve held within Valo / Blue Meteorite. Rarely does a company offer you so many different possibilities and options – and let you grow into the role…Continue reading Of Course I Still #ValoLove You

Hindsight is 2020 meme

2020 – Year Review

Like is almost customary at this point in the year, I decided to take a look at 2020 – which goals I had set for myself if I hit them, and what happened on during the year. And like last year, I thought I’d set myself a few new goals! In my last year review post, I commented on 2019: 2019 was borderline tumultuous – in 2020, I hope…Continue reading 2020 – Year Review

Spotify Premium logo

Is Lifetime Spotify Premium legit?

This article describes another fishy online offering I ran into, Spotify Premium Lifetime subscription. Long story short, it’s shady, but not necessarily a scam, per se. I definitely wouldn’t call it legit, though. Depending on the calibration of your moral compass, it might even be worth it, although definitely not recommended. But let’s take a closer look at what’s going on with this criminal affair, then! (If you’re in a…Continue reading Is Lifetime Spotify Premium legit?

Work from home? Work from anywhere! | Hockey player reviews weekly reports Cassie smiled. The results were finally beginning to materialize. It was gratifying to see her hard work pay off.

Top Tips To Survive Working From Home!

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there’s a sudden influx of people working remotely. As someone, who has only recently gone through the transformation from a regular office worker (with an assigned desk and all that classic stuff) to a full-time remote worker, I thought I could share some of my experiences on how to survive WFH (that’s Working From Home for those of you who’re even newer to…Continue reading Top Tips To Survive Working From Home!

Microsoft Stream

Office 365 video migration to Office Stream imminent – Get Ready!

While this post will mostly be about the highly topical migration from Office 365 Video to Microsoft Stream, there’s also a fair amount of rambling about Microsoft’s partner strategy and a bit of history included. I’m starting with the main stuff and then proceeding to the ranty parts, so just skip the last 75% of the post if you don’t care about that kind of stuff! On to the content,…Continue reading Office 365 video migration to Office Stream imminent – Get Ready!