Azure Functions CLI - such a pretty logo for such an awesome functionality

How to configure Azure Function’s startup?

Azure Functions use dependency injection, and that allows us to define all kinds of prebuilt or custom-built services as being available for our functions really easily. This is a really easy way to initialize scoped resources to be used in your different functions… But how do you actually configure them in an Azure Functions App? Problem Okay, a step back – there’s a bit of a problem that we need to resolve before we can proceed with the configuration. When you create a new Azure…Continue reading How to configure Azure Function’s startup?

git logo

How to list your git stashes?

Long story short, yes, I really had to google this, and since top results seemed to give pretty obtuse answers, I decided to document it for myself. And just to state the obvious: I’m using GitHub Desktop for most of my mandatory Git stuff, but for whenever I have to run any git commands, I run Windows PowerShell (git exe is added to PATH variable). Solution Well, it’s actually very, VERY simple. You can just run something like this: The command outputs a nice list…Continue reading How to list your git stashes?

Powershell is hell

How to fix “System.InvalidOperationException: PowerShell Gallery is currently unavailable.”

This article explains how to fix an issue when updating a module in PowerShell. The error is something along the lines of: “System.InvalidOperationException: PowerShell Gallery is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” The whole error looks something like the one below, although you can probably get it for many different commandlets. Luckily, like usual, there are a few ways to fix this! Solution And with that, you should be good!