Antti K. Koskela – Microsoft MVP, Azure architect, tech enthusiast

I’m a Finnish Software Developer Entrepreneur living as a hermit on the beautiful Finnish countryside. is my personal professional (i.e. professional, but definitely personal) website.

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On this site, I’m blogging about all kinds of exciting and/or tricky topics. Mostly just to write them down for myself.

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What’s about?

The tagline for my blogging efforts has been Solutions are worthless unless shared for quite a while already. That’s to say, since I’ve gotten a lot of help from the community whenever I’ve had issues getting something to work, I like to give something back. This blog is my way of doing that.

Blogging has been a great, lightweight way to sort my thoughts and document weird fixes and findings along the way. And boy, has there been a lot of them! Microsoft’s stack always keeps surprising me – mostly in a positive way, but there’s an occasional bump on the way too.

These are some of the topics I often write about: Azure Active Directory errors, Azure PowerShell errors, terrifying examples about how to open a modal dialog in SharePoint using JavaScript, all kinds of weird new Microsoft Azure -related tidbits of information, a bunch of Visual Studio -related (and other) tips and tricks, and of course the blog’s namesake – SharePoint Problems.

A lot of people seem to struggle with the same issues, as the blog recently had just shy of a million visitors in a year. Mind-blowing. May you find my thoughtful workarounds as useful as I have!

In addition to more technical posts, sometimes I might post about my sessions at different community events, or experiences as an expat living in a foreign country (in 2017, that country was the USA, in 2018 & 2019 Canada). Right before the pandemic, I moved back to Finland to live in the middle of a forest. Quite literally, as I need to somewhat regularly scare moose away or they’ll eat our apples and trample my robots. Our pests are large.

Speaking Gigs

Back in the olden days, when the world was not on fire, I used to travel to different events. Now it’s all digital, which is… Not quite the same.

You can also see a list of all my sessions and session materials.

Antti K. Koskela's session at SharePoint Saturday New England - thanks for the photo Kanwal Khipple !
My session at SharePoint Saturday New England – thanks for the photo, !

Want to learn more? Check out the about me -page, page/post archivethe list of my blog posts (latest first) or contact me! :)